Our Students

Kent Park Primary School is a collaborative and engaging Learning Community.

All students at Kent Park set and work towards their goals, aiming to do their best and reach their potential. Through clear learning intentions, students have a strong understanding of their learning and it’s purpose. This encourages our students to be reflective and always strive to do their best. We recognise that our students have diverse strengths, skills and needs and encourage them to express themselves and their knowledge in different ways. One of the outstanding qualities that our students exhibit is a genuine love of learning. We support and strengthen this passion for learning by providing exciting and challenging opportunities and learning experiences that allow students to be creative, resourceful and critical thinkers.

Student Wellbeing

Kent Park Primary School is committed to providing a supportive and safe learning environment that caters for the diverse academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs of all students. Our aim is for our students to make positive choices and be resourceful, resilient, confident, creative and caring individuals. 

Our Student Wellbeing Program is supported by our:

  • School Social Worker
  • Kids Hope Mentors
  • School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework
  • Student-led Clubs at lunch time and weekly Breakfast Club
  • School Care Dog
  • Junior School Council
  • School Values Captains.

Student Leaders

Student leadership roles provide students with opportunities to show initiative, take responsibility for tasks around the school, interact with the school community, build their confidence in public speaking and act as important role models for their peers.

Our student leaders fulfill their responsibilities with pride, showcasing excellent behaviour which is consistent with our school values of Kindness, Respect and Responsibility. It is rewarding to support students in building and enhancing their leadership qualities and at Kent Park we encourage students to embrace all leadership opportunities.

We strongly believe in building students’ confidence and self-belief in their many talents and strengths, equipping students to be passionate, reflective, life-long learners. The skills that students learn through a range of leadership opportunities at Kent Park will enable them to strive in their future learning and lives.

Student Leader Roles:

  • School Captains
  • Values Captains (Kindness, Respect and Responsibility)
  • Specialist Captains (Physical Education, STEAM, Environment and Sustainability, Visual Arts)
  • Junior School Council.

School Captains 2023

Specialist Captains 2023

Values Captains 2023

Junior School Council 2023

Our Junior School Council is a student group consisting of Prep to Grade 6 students that represent and act as a voice for the students at Kent Park Primary School. Junior School Councillors are chosen from each grade and voted on by the students. JSC is a special leadership opportunity that students take great pride in.

The JSC meets regularly to discuss and plan for upcoming events, share ideas and represent their peers. JSC representatives have organised fun and exciting events such as our Pyjama Day, Crazy Hair Day, Book Week and Footy Day.

JSC representatives are able to take on the challenge of student leadership and make a difference to the school community.